Flogging Babe

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Beautifully handcrafted rubber tail flogger in varying lengths.

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Handle Width3cm
Specs:Black rubber flogger with plaited handle.
Handle Length21cm
Tails Length59cm
Diametre of tailApproximately 25 tails, with each tail is 13mm in width

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Handcrafted like our signature suede leather floggers, these rubber floggers have a quality of their own…leaving a cumulative “memory” after each stroke!  This Rubber Flogger will sting and can be a real tear-jerker in experienced hands.  They will scream, cry and beg you to stop. Wonderful for the advanced player!


Approximately 25 tails, with each tail is 13mm in width

Handle Length 21cm

Handle Width 3cm

Length 64cm

Tails Length 59cm

Weight 450g