Torturous pinwheel

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Sharpen up your fantasy situations by involving this polished pin-covered toy!

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Weightrange from 55g - 110g
Specs:Stainless steel pinwheel with varying number of spike rollers.

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This stainless steel Wartenberg pinwheel fits perfectly in your hand and into any BDSM or medical roleplay situation that you might imagine. The rolling spikes each give a tantalizing sensation when rolled over a patient's body; the fact that there are two, three or five of these wheels makes the torture that much more sweet! The pinwheels can be removed from their spoke by undoing the flathead screw on the side for easy cleaning.

Try enhancing the experience by using with a blindfold, or on its own to create a tantalizing tingle that will put your whole body on edge!


Length 18cm

Specs: Stainless steel pinwheel with varying number of spike rollers.

Weight range from 55g - 110g