Vibes Urethra Sounds

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This innocent looking toy can be erotically nice, tickly or devious. 


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LengthInsertable length: Range from10cm to 28cm
Specs:Stainless steel vibrating urethra sounds.
DiametreRange from 6mm - 10mm

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Use it for pinpoint stimulation externally on nipples and earlobes. Or, use it to tease your victim by placing the tip against the side of the nose it will vibrate the entire sinus cavity in the head. For a really devious play session, you can insert this just like any other sound and then just "turn it on". Requires 1-AAA battery for Medium and 2-AAA batteries for XL (not included).


Diametre: range from 6mm - 10mm

Insertable length: range from10cm to 28cm

Weight 30g