Slapper crop discipline


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A wide 2 layered red leather slapper crop, accented with metal detail on the handle.

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Specs:Wide tip leather slapper crop, with metal accents.
Handle Length19.5cm
Head Width5cm
Head Length5.5cm

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More than a toy, a crop in confident hands can be a compelling symbol of power, whether within a playful scene or a lifestyle relationship. While their 2 layered construction is designed to produce that satisfying slapping sound during use, this slapper crop has a noteworthy bite, that's louder than its bark. This slapper crop is a serious discipline tool and is a great fun gift for the Master or Mistress in your life.


Length: 69.5cm

Handle length: 19.5cm

Head width: 5cm

Head length: 5.5cm

Weight: 85g