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  • Stainless steel weights
    Stainless steel weights

    These stylish stainless steel weights can add to your nipple and CBT...

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    Aqua Stick Douche

    Send a rush of water into all those hard-to-reach spots!

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    Jennings Gag

    Add more realism to your medical fetish scene, with the Stainless Steel...

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    Snake Whip

    Enjoy adding impact play to your sexual routine with this leather...

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  • Hog Tied
    Hog Tied

    Experiment with new bondage situations with this beginner hog-tie system.

    R 510.00

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Jute Rope (10m)


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Unprocessed Jute rope for the traditional bondage fundi.

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Made fromUnprocessed, natural Hemp

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Unprocessed Jute rope, with a rough texture and high burn rate. Perfect for the bondage fundi, who wants to add something a little different and unique to their toy box. Sold with instructions on how to process your rooe if you want to make it softer.


Diametre 7mm

Length 10m

Made from unprocessed, natural Hemp

Weight 180g