On 5thOn

On 5th – South Africa’s only exclusive and premier BDSM, Fetish and Kink party

On 5th is a BDSM and fetish party where cosmopolitan free spirits, weird birds of paradise, urban night creatures, polymorphous party people and creatives from all over the world celebrate the pulsating beat of the night together. These parties were created as a place for people to express their sexuality in all its forms, in an exclusive, clean and safe adult playground.

The On 5th parties are hosted at Fetish Haven in Sandton, and these parties are becoming the hub for BDSM friends, locally and internationally, to connect, have fun and play out their fantasies in beautifully themed rooms within the walls of Fetish Haven.

On 5th is on par with international events and standards and the parties are governed according to international rules of engagement in a social setting, within the scope of the BDSM and kink lifestyle.

The On 5th parties are generally themed to encourage people to step out of the mundane and ordinary, and to open their imagination and creativity to transform into another version of themselves. We encourage individuality, embrace those that are off the wall, with no judgement and prejudice. Lots of prizes are given away at each party from the best dressed to theme, spot prizes because we like you, raffles, games to best play on the night. These prizes are all kindly donated by the Different Strokes international wholesale supplier network.

On 5th is more than just a mix of party, fetish and BDSM…it's a hedonistic parallel universe which is sex-positive, full of casual intimacy and sensuality for all non-conforming, free-spirited forms of life and love.

 Slip into your most avid role - in a naughty costume, stunning lingerie, daring outfits or in your stylish fetish robe and brighten On 5h with your intoxicating aura, your dazzling flair, your grandeur! Fetishists, trannies in all their splendour, lifestylers, newbies, those that are confused...all are welcome, with no judgement or persecution.

On 5th is a temple for experimentation with non-traditional relationship structures, sexual staging & self-awareness, in a safe, happy and healthy environment. Newcomers are very welcome!

You will always be met at the door by your hostess Mistress Paige and our "tour guide" who will take you through this beautiful venue, showing you where everything is, including any safety issues and emergency exits. There are strict rules in place to keep you safe and these rules are in line and on par with the international rules of engagement for kink.

Ambassadors are on standby for those who need help, want to ask questions, experience a particular aspect of the lifestyle or to just feel included. On 5th is the perfect space to learn and we encourage the ethos of sharing experiences, aspects of the lifestyle and maybe trying something out.

Invitations are sent out on a referral basis, and sent individuality to each and every person who is keen to step into this wonderland of fantasy. We give you personal attention, and cliques and groups are discouraged.

The cost is R400.00 per person and this cost includes light snacks and all your drinks, over and above full use of all the facilities, toys and furniture available to play.

The venue has the following facilities available for play:

  • dungeon and all its trappings
  • prison cell
  • fully equipped tranny room
  • fully equipped medical room
  • 2 beautiful bedrooms for those wanting something a little softer
  • suspension rigs
  • full bar and entertainment area
  • bathroom facilities
  • attending these events means you have full access to ALL the furniture and full use of ALL toys, should you leave your toy bag at home.
  • ALL food and drinks are covered by your entrance fee.

There is ample secure parking and there are 24 hour security patrols to make sure you are safe and your privacy is respected.

Due to security reasons and accessing the venue into a gated warehouse complex with access codes, anyone who wants to attend the On 5th parties needs to send their request for the invite and venue information to misspaige@differentstrokes.co.za so everything can be sent off to you. To further protect your safety and privacy, we do not allow walk-in’s so you will always need to RSVP before the day of the party.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!