Training ProgrammeDifferent Strokes has introduced a new initiative as from January 2018 – the training, mentorship and certification programme.

The intensive training workshops will cover everything from basic first aid to planning and executing a play session, from beginners to advanced. It’s a 12 step programme, and all these workshops will form the basis to be graded and certified as a safe player.

Couples booking for the entire programme will receive discounted packages, whether you book for the entire programme or attend just a couple of the workshops.

The training venue is centrally located.

At the end of the grading and certification process, you will receive a comprehensive file for all your notes, worksheets to work through, training material and exercises to keep at hand for future reference. You will also receive a copy of my BDSM bible to further assist you in the journey of BDSM.

You will be introduced to non-predatory mentors and ambassadors who will be at hand to offer guidance and support. Each of these mentors has been carefully chosen, each a “specialist” in their field of BDSM, to assist with advice.

Additional training to practice what you have learnt can be easily organised, or you can attend the once a month party “On 5th”, or you may enquire about using The Red Room (free of charge), but these venues and parties are by invite and interest only.

Shopping can also be done at The Red Room to those who use The Red Room as a practice venue, should you wish to add goodies to your toy bag.

You can choose:
The grading process can be done one-on-one, or with your mentor present at The Red Room, or you can opt to do your certification in a group environment to get suggestions from your peers. Whether the classes are big or small, you will be accommodated through the 3 venues that Different Strokes uses…however big bigger groups are a lot more fun!

Please look out for this programme on the Different Strokes Fetlife and Facebook profiles, and also on the Different Strokes website, for the training schedule.

And as a bonus, Different Strokes works with and collaborates with other kink friendly service providers:
• Tantra
• Kinesiology
• Body Balancing
• GP and doctor
• Psychologist
• Couple’s counselling
• Life coach
• Pole dancing and sensuality classes
• Pure Romance products and more

These won’t form part of the workshop classes needed to be certified, but are excellent resources available to add a little spice to your bedroom relationship and general life coping mechanisms.

Have a kinkalicious day!