About Us


About Us…

The name Different Strokes was chosen to encapsulate that we are a business catering to people of a different sexual persuasion, those people that like to add a little something more exciting to the bedroom.

Our aim is to make the brand fun, novel and funky, with an approach of imparting knowledge to the masses at affordable prices. With our novelty items we want to open the buyer up to purchasing other products that would normally be viewed strictly BDSM i.e. our aim is to bridge the gap between mainstream and BDSM.

We offer value behind our business idea by providing inexpensive, but good quality products, whether they are sourced locally or internationally, within a one-stop-shop environment, to both the BDSM sector and mainstream market, by individuals who are passionate and knowledgeable about their business, and are providing products and services that are needed within the market place.

It is a fact that anyone can source BDSM equipment. However, we at Different Strokes are kinksters, and as such offer our products from an insider’s perspective. Just like our customers, we are seduced by what we see and touch, and we source BDSM equipment that we would want for our own private collections.

We also offer products that you will simply not find anywhere else. Many of our items are handcrafted especially for Different Strokes by local manufacturers, a practice that allows one to purchase smaller quantities of high quality items.

At Different Strokes we are passionate about what we do. We have a very strong work ethic and believe in delivery and outstanding quality.

Excellent service is at the heart of our business, with core principles being those of knowledge, creativity and a sense of naughty fun! Delivery is inherent in our nature and we are quick, efficient and professional.

Our clients enjoy working with us because they know we consistently deliver high quality services and products that meet their needs.

We are open and sincere in both our business and personal lives. We respect our clients and their needs. We earn their trust and confidence by our transparent approach and our desire for honest, straightforward communication.

Mistress Paige & the team

Mistress Paige

Paige has been a Pro Dominatrix since 2005. Stepping away from the corporate sector, she made it her mission to learn everything within the BDSM sector, so as to offer her clients the best kind of service within their sessions. She is passionate about what she does and has always encouraged an ethos of sharing, learning and teaching.

Mistress Paige & Different Strokes

Mistress Paige saw a gap in the market, and started the business in 2011. Her motivation is based on both instinct and believing there is a real need within the industry.

With the belief that things can be done better than competitors, and her understanding of the products and the business sector, the emotional attachment to the business idea gives her and the team at Different strokes the energy, enthusiasm, determination and passion for the brand. She has the flair and creativity to make a success of the business, by not only selling products but also providing peripheral services that are educational and fun.

The team at Different Strokes

Passionate individuals drive this business and thrive on the challenges that the business brings. We put energy and enthusiasm into everything we do; and we do so with a vibrantly coloured product range! We like inspiring people with our creativity, knowledge and gorgeous products.

We derive a huge amount of satisfaction from encouraging people to explore the bedroom parameters with their partners, in a safe environment and with beautiful equipment.

We have a strong ethos of sharing information and educating people; thus allowing our clients to make informed choices in the products they select. We accomplish this through listening intensely and discussing experiences and needs.

We bring people together to share the joy of knowledge. We are clear, straightforward and honest in all our communications, offering a very ethical and trustworthy transaction.

Even though the business is solely owned by Mistress Paige, she believes in a team based environment. Her local suppliers are all fellow kinksters, people who have been in the lifestyle for years and cross pollination of ideas is encouraged. We all support each other, with the vision of not only growing Different Strokes, but also the BDSM community at large.

We have a good balance between the team members – all experts in their own right within the BDSM sector, we know what services and products those within the BDSM scene need and want from a product or service range. We also have a clear understanding of the mainstream market and our goal is to bridge the gap between the two markets.


Different Strokes also offers:  

Couples lessons on lovin'  

These aim to guide and encourage a couple to explore and learn about new areas in the bedroom...literally speaking!

This is done in-home, in your own environment so as to provide a safe and private space in which couples can ask questions, discover new things about each other, and can learn about the realms of lovin' that they never knew existed.

So if you secretly desire tying your lover up with silky rope and having him beg for mercy, come to us to learn how to make these fantasies a reality. 

Email: training@differentstrokes.co.za for more information concerning our couples lessons on lovin' training programs.