On 5th, a new, upmarket and exclusive venue and party where everyone is welcome. On 5th is on par with international venues and standards and the parties are goverened according to international rules of engagement in a social setting.

We want to create a fun, happy and safe space for people, and after the party we had at the end of November 2017, we know we are on the right track. We have ironed out minor issues and problems that arose from this party. It was a small group of really awesome people who all went out of their way to make others feel comfortable and included.

We look forward to building these events where everyone feels safe, is included, and no one is victimised for having an opinion...where everyone can have fun while learning at the same time. Fetishists, trannies in all their splendour, lifestylers, newbies, those that are confused...all are welcome, with no judgement or persecution.

We want to build a "true" community, without hierachy, where your issues, concerns and problems are all taken seriously and are dealt with in a mediative way, and where no one gets vilified for speaking up.

The venue has the following facilities available for play:

  • dungeon and all its trappings
  • prison cell
  • fully equipped tranny room
  • fully equipped medical room
  • 2 beautiful bedrooms for those wanting something a little softer
  • 2 suspension rigs
  • full bar and entertainment area
  • bathroom facilities
  • attending these events means you have full access to ALL the furniture and full use of ALL toys, should you leave your toybag at home.
  • ALL food and drinks are covered by your entrance fee.

You will always be met at the door by a host and "tour guide" who will take you through this beautiful venue, showing you where everything is, including any safety issues and emergency exits.

Ambassadors are on standby for those who need help, want to ask questions, experience a particular aspect of the lifestyle etc. Please note that these ambassadors are NOT dungeon monitors. Until they have all been certified in some way, in their specialiaty, the only DM you speak to is myself.

Full first aid is on site at ALL times, catering for accidents, allergies and any other medical issues that may crop up. We take your safety seriously and we take the safety of everyone else around you very seriously, so those emergency forms are not negotiable. But please don't panic...only I have access to that information and will always be kept private.

As always, as with everything else in life, there are a few rules and requests.

Due to security reasons, accessing the venue into a gated warehouse complex with access codes, anyone who wants to attend needs to send me their request for the invite and venue information to my Fetlife profile here, either in response to this piece of writing or via a private message. Please provide me with your email addy, so I can pop off everything to you.

Please note that at this venue and party:

  • no abuse or predatory behaviour will be tolerated. Everyone is to be treated with kindness and respect no matter what your "label" is!
  • no walk-ins are allowed, as you cannot get in without the access codes.
  • you will be requested to complete an emergency contact form to gain entrance. This is for just in case something happens to you and we need to call emergency service. No form = no entry!
  • cliques or groups of people who do not socialise with others are discouraged. Musical chairs will be enforced to encourage people of different persuasions to interact.
  • strict rules of play are enforced, which will be given to you on the night as part of your introduction. So no running blood of any nature and certainly no Guantanamo Bay styles of play will be tolerated...at all...EVER!
  • we welcome everyone, but if you don't like a particular person, then don't come as any victimisation, bullying, slander etc will not be tolerated. We don't want any of that negativity at these events!
  • the venue is big enough to avoid your "nemesis", so egos, vendettas, hostility of any nature and aggression needs to be left at the gate!
  • no drugs EVER!! If we suspect you are taking illegal narcotics, this will be dealt with in a swift and quiet manner. We know who the habitual drug users are, and they would need to consent to a drug test at the door. If consent is not given for the drug test, or you test positive for any illegal narcotic, you will not be allowed to attend.

The Different Strokes pop-up mobile store will be at every party and event, should you want to buy goodies to fill up your own toy bags.

Lots of prizes are given away at each party from the best dressed to theme, spot prizes because we like you, raffles, games to best play of the night. These prizes are all kindly donated by the Different Strokes international wholesale supplier network.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Kinky best wishes