A very intense, practical and interactive workshop demonstrating how to have fun with varying sensations. Perfect for those who want to learn and experience the softer, erotic side of BDSM.

We look at the core theoretical principles of BDS&M: informed and enthusiastic consent, communication, power-exchange, the mind/body connection, aftercare and more. In a safe environment we take you step-by-step through a sensation and mental play session, and how to use these skills to enhance and inspire intimacy.

Just bring yourself…everything else will be provided.

Join us for a fun filled afternoon where we will cover the following:

  • Workshop basics
  • Concept of power exchange
  • Transference within BDSM play
  • How to start, covering checklists, communication and abuse
  • What is erotic sensation play?
  • Various activities within sensation play
  • Ideas involving sensation play
  • Putting sensation play into practice within the context of BDSM
  • Safety & Hygiene
  • Guess the sensation – practical demonstrations

PLEASE NOTE that you will work with a partner, either your own (if you have booked as a couple) or you will be put with another single person. Whether you are dominant or submissive, each person will experience how to do the sensation play on another person, and what it feels like for the sensation play to be done on yourself. If you are not prepared to “receive” and partake in the class, then this course is not for you!

You will receive a free Sensation Goodie bag, with some basic equipment and all sorts of literature pertaining to sensation play and BDSM in general.

The cost is R400 per person, and you would have to deposit the workshop cost into the Different Strokes bank account, if you want to attend.

The banking details are as follows:
Account Name: Different Strokes
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Chilli Lane, Sunninghill
Branch Code: 251 650
Account No.: 623 184 64 617

Once payment has been done, you would need to send your proof of payment to training@differentstrokes.co.za. Please provide your full name/s as a reference and mark this clearly on your email. This payment will secure your seat and you will receive a confirmation email with the relevant address details and other information pertaining to the course.

It is on a first come, first paid basis, with limited spaces available.

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

To book your spot or to request further information, please email: training@differentstrokes.co.za